Advantages of Using URL Shortener in Digital Marketing


Advantages of Using URL Shortener in Digital Marketing

Digital marketing today is in a continuously evolving stage. You can never claim to know-it-all. Marketers and content creators are working to create meaningful content that only leaves an impact but fulfills the prime purpose – conversions.

Marketers are always into testing ways and strategies that will give them the required results in terms of impressions, conversions, and sales. Changes in digital marketing have made it somewhat difficult for marketers to effectively reach their target customers and optimize their campaigns for better results.

Importance of URL Shortener

Marketers today are often on the quest of how to use URL shorteners in digital marketing. A URL shortened can turn out to be a perfect marketing tool if used correctly. It can be the medium that can take your target market directly to their desired landing pages.

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Do you know that there are over three billion smartphone users in the world, and that number is bound to increase in the upcoming years? As marketers, this translates as a huge untapped opportunity to market their brands more effectively and reach more audiences. Interestingly, an astounding 65% of the world's population sends and receives SMS messages. Moreover, the SMS marketing campaigns have an opening rate of 80%, while email marketing's open rate is a mere 20%.

With all these facts out in the open about SMS marketing, it makes sense to look into ways that make SMS marketing easier for brands. There are several advantages of link shorteners. We are listing some of them in this article.  

Digital marketers are always looking for solutions that are creative and don't cost them an arm and a leg. In this case, offers excellent services. Our offers are not a burden on the pocket and do a lot for marketers. The services at are in three packages. It gives marketers the liberty to choose packages as per their requirements.

URL Shortener in Digital Marketing

Data Analytics

Data is useless if you don't have the proper tools to analyze it and translate it to see what it means. At, you can not only enjoy the advantages of link shorteners that they provide, but you can also get the data accumulated through these links analyzed in real-time. This analysis makes the data so much important, and brands can tweak their campaigns to have a better rate of conversions and more customers reaching the end of the funnel. URL Shortener

The advantages of services at are multiple. Through data analytics, you can track each link. It can lead you to important information and help you see which links are better performing and which links are not.

A/B Testing

Having data analyzed in real-time not only means more information for better decision making but also that you can be more experimental and see what works and whatnot. Brands can opt for shortened links of several kinds for campaigns. This tracking provides the opportunity to gauge which links perform better and further the respective social media platforms on which the links have performed better.


You can deeply asses every optimization by using shortened URLs. Let's take an example: you might change the color or the font of your call to action on your landing page. By attaching a link behind that CTA, you can observe the engagement before and after the change. 

Gathering all this data will help you make better decisions. It will also be a good rationale for your decisions as they will all be based upon numbers and results instead of speculations.


The URL might be shortened yet it carries numerous advantages along with it. Through URL shortening at, you can have the opportunity to geo-target your links. It will redirect visitors to specialized pages and thus can increase conversions.


Social media platforms like twitter while having a large number of users, also have some unique characteristics that can make marketing difficult. With a restriction on the number of characteristics per tweet, it becomes impertinent to use link shorteners to convey the message while remaining within the allowed character limit. URL shorteners make this job easy and go to the next level. You will get a URL shortened, along with which you can track it to see how well the URL worked. There's an excellent use of our link shorteners for SMS, Twitter, Ads, etc. 

SMS Marketing

There are multiple creative ways to utilize SMS marketing. At, our service of URL shortening makes it easier to create customized SMS that targets customers individually.  You can use our service to create links for tracking down shipping services. Additionally, you can also use our service to re-engage with customers who had abandoned their carts on the website. This way, by minimizing friction, you can get your customers to seamlessly reach the endpoint of a sales process and complete their transaction.

The services offered at can be used by any industry. With’s API, businesses can create short, powerful, and reliable links to empower their SMS communication and advertisement. This way you can make sure that the right message is being delivered to the right people.

All in One Place

One main advantage of using services is that you get all your details on a single dashboard. It will make the data easy to access and easy to analyze. Managing the URLs can be a tough job with too many URLs in use. But with the dashboard at, this job becomes easy and organized.

Further, clients can also manage their splash pages and create bundles. If you’re using’s gold services, then you'll be able to have an unlimited number of splash pages along with an unlimited number of custom overlay pages. You can also create bundles and link them under one shortened and customized URL. By creating shortened URLs in the gold package, you can also enjoy the long-term benefits (read: conversions) of device targeting and geo-targeting. has Free and Professional Plans. Visit the following link to find the right solution for you: