Benefits of Using a URL Shortener


Benefits of Using a URL Shortener
A URL is a link of a website. You can also call it a web address that SEO and marketing teams often use to promote their websites. Long URLs are tough to manage. Therefore, you need a reliable URL shortener to convert a long URL into a small one. Tools like URL Shortener can effectively compress a long link into a short URL. That’s what makes it essential for users.

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You need a link or URL shortener if you want to drive traffic from social media platforms. It will aid you in gaining more likes, shares, and leads from various social media channels. The following perks make URL shorteners quite essential for every user. 

It is easy to share short URLs:
Just imagine you see a post on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram that contains hundreds of characters. It would be pretty tough to check the content shared with that link. The same issue your target audience faces when seeing your promotional posts.

Users face a lot of troubles when they cannot click the link to reach the endorsed website. Every visitor is valuable for your platform. Therefore, you should use the best URL shortener to shorten long URLs and gain more visitors. 

Comprehensive click data:
Another noticeable benefit offered by URL Shortener is click tracking. It means you can check who has clicked that link and from which region people have clicked that link to access your website. URL Shortener

This feature is pretty crucial, especially when you are using SEO tactics to increase the rank and visibility of your website. Highly sophisticated URL shortener tools also reveal which social media channels are bringing maximum users. You can use this data to improve the SMM tactics for better performance on ill-performing social media channels.

More shares and better engagement:
As mentioned earlier, a URL shortener reduces characters from a long link. It can be as short as a 20 character link. Such short URLs are easy to share and copy. Your target audience can easily copy and customize that short URL when sharing the post. Thus, you get more shares and more visitors!

Shorter URLs also play a crucial role in increasing engagement. People pay better attention when they get a link containing a familiar brand name. It becomes quite daunting to spot the promoted website name when the URL is too long. has free and professional plans. Visit the following link to find the right solution for you: