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What are Bio Links?

Bio links are the short URLs that can be posted in a bio to share information regarding an individual or a business. The audience can easily click on to learn more about the thing they are viewing. It can be used for all purposes such as educational or promotional. It can attract traffic and therefore can result in a greater spread of information. These bio links compared to long URLs look cleaner and more understandable for the user.


How to create a Bio Link with 

Creating a Bio link with can be as easy as pasting the long URL on their website to instantly generate a shorter link with a QR code free without any hidden costs or need for subscriptions. You can use it anywhere to link any information you want within seconds. You can share it on your social media or simply copy and paste it to access the information as per your convenience. So just simply build your webpages and shorten their URLs and bring them all under one link by making a public profile if you wish to do so. This will allow you to bring all the links in one place and will also let your monitor the clicks on your links to further identify which section or platform does the audience prefers etc. This will allow the business to act accordingly and always stay on top of everything.




While the basic version of is free to use, there is a Silver and Gold version who wish to utilize this powerful tool to its maximum potential. You have the option to pay monthly for both the Silver and Gold versions of the tool however you can enjoy a 17% discount on the Silver and a 19% on the Gold package for paying yearly. There is no denying the fact that even the free version is of great use, but the silver and the gold versions are even better and can perfect your business activity and digital marketing. The primary difference between the free and the paid versions are, but not limited to, the limited allowance of the features, customization, and advertisements. The free version is undoubtedly the best for small-scale users but if you wish to revolutionize your digital marketing, silver and gold versions can allow boosting your business activity due to its extensive features and benefits. Some of these premium features include:

Specified target audience

You can target your user based on their preferences and location to increase the potential customers that may be interested in your product or service.

Add your overlays

You can add overlays to further increase engagement on your links. This can also be very effective for promotional marketing or spreading awareness regarding a new product etc.

Premium Aliases

You can choose a premium alias for your links from the reserved list. This will not only organize your inbox but will also be much more secure than other email addresses. This will also give an idea of professionalism and can thus establish a sense of trust between the audience and the user or the business. 

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Overall, using bio links is much more than just shortening links to look more presentable, etc. It is an extremely useful information management system that can be managed easily by a beginner. If you are using the Gold version of, it allows you to add up to 5 team members in the management system. This way all the relevant information can be shared simply and clearly among the other members of the organization. This results in better coordination and can give the employees a sense of recognition and importance overall in improving their efficiency. So, businesses or individuals can benefit from this system to a great extent. It is cost-effective, can increase the traffic on your link in a very appealing way.


Features of

Many websites are offering their services of changing long URLs to shorter ones. is one of them. It is a free tool that helps you with free custom URL shortener, branded URLs, link management & QR Code generator. These are some powerful tools to help you grow and protect your brand. 

Tracking users made easy

This tool helps you track each user who clicks the link giving you a better idea of how you are doing and how your audience is responding to your link. This information can include the number of clicks including the region and even the amount of time a user spends on your webpage to better understand if he/she read the information or if the webpage wasn’t interesting enough to retain their attention. URL Shortener

Bundle up your links together

You can bundle your links to share them collectively with the public or friends. Furthermore, you can also set a password to further protect your data from getting unauthorized access.

All in one place: Dashboard

All these links can be easily managed through one powerful dashboard which will let you allow you to control all in one place. Manage your URLs, settings, or password all in one dashboard which is very user-friendly and doesn’t require any prior knowledge or expertise.

One short link to all the others

Place all your links under one to redirect to all the others. Keeping an individual URL for each piece of information can be confusing, this feature of allows you to bring everything under one umbrella. You can share the link on your social media such as Instagram bio and all your audience can use one link to further click and access whatever section is relevant to them.

Effective communication is vital for any type of business and this information can make sure that the motive of the business is effectively communicated to the audience. Businesses can use the tracking feature to identify and remove any weakness that they see in the data. That data can also be used to measure the performance of the employees through the audience’s engagement etc.